Peppercorn Ornament
Peppercorn Ornament 3"x2.5" Borosilicate Glass. December 2016. Uses technique called "encalmo". This is where different sections of colored glass tubing are attached end to end. I then blew the stripped section into an ornament.   [wpecpp name="Peppercorn Ornament" price="70" align="left"]
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Three Ring Ornament
Three Ring¬†Ornament 6.5" tall. 1.5" wide. 1.5" deep. Borosilicate Glass. December 2016. These rings were being thrown away at my work so I made this design to minimize waste and utilize free materials.   [wpecpp name="Three Ring Ornament" price="30" align="left"]
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Implosion Pendant
Implosion Pendant 2.25" tall. 1.5" wide. 0.5" thick. Borosilicate Glass. December 2016. To get the color variations in this piece, I used silver fume on clear glass. I then backed the clear with black glass to add a contrasting background.   [wpecpp name="Implosion Pendant" price="70" align="left"]
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